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A handy app

A handy app

  • Interactive training and video tutorials
  • Destination address and the price are shown right away
  • Select orders from a list or a map
  • Chat and make free calls to operators and passengers
  • Instantly refill your account using a card

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Why work with us?

Do you have a smartphone and a vehicle in good condition? Go through a simple registration process on our website and start making money.
Our app is called Taxsee Driver. It is available in every market and has all the features you need to work effectively, such as calls and chats with passengers, a route editor, and your choice of navigators.
You decide when you start your shift. You can drive the whole day or take orders on your way to and from your regular job. Open the order list and select orders with the best price or route.
Plan your own schedule for working and taking breaks. Some drivers find it convenient to work in the morning. Others prefer working in the afternoon or at night. There are plenty of orders all the time!
Have something to say? We want to hear. Contact our specialists on our website or leave feedback in the app.